The Global Dinner Party

setting prepared


On April 10, I participated in a Global Enchanted Dinner Party launched by tarotist Sasha Graham.

  • Global Enchanted Dinner Party

    The moment Sasha brought the event to my attention, my intention was set on participating in the adventure. I wanted to focus on Love which I believe is the primary source of healing in a global sense. So I joined hands with Herbert, my husband of fifty five years, and invited our friends Ingunn and Högni over for Sasha's promising Lovers' soup. The theme was underscored by red roses, Lovers' cards and leaf-shaped plates.

    Liszt's Liebestraum greeted our guests as they walked into the "sanctuary." We started by toasting Love in kir royal, served in pink crystal flutes from the "holy land," and munched on pinkish crab salad in mini tartlets as I introduced Sasha to our guests through her video preparation of the dish which everybody thought was enchantingly awesome.

  • Enchanted Kitchen

    The soup was ready to be ladled into the bowls; we sprinkled it with croutons and cheese and into the oven it went. Out it came golden and delicious, we enjoyed it with a full bodied Malbec. It was a meal out of this world.

    enjoying soup

    Afterwards we each drew a different Lovers' card―from the Shining Tribe, the Goldern Tarot, the Wild Unknown, and the Gill Tarot, and searched for the Voice in the card; what was its message to us at this point in life? We thus dug deep into the meaning of it all which gave rise to an interesting exchange.

    The desert was a pink rasperry ostakaka (akin to cheese cake), topped with fresh rasperries warmed in a touch of honey. This was served in pink crystal bowls decorated with gold leaves, a wedding present from fifty five years ago.


    It was a lovely and playful evening which we have Sasha and her boundless creativity to thank for.